Sem-2019-05: Plain English and Intercultural Communication

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Sem-2019-05: Plain English and Intercultural Communication

Plain English and Intercultural Communication

Seminar Nr. 2019-05 – Plätze frei
Datum und Ort  Samstag, 11. Mai 2019 in Hamburg-Harburg
Zielgruppe und Vorkenntnisse Übersetzer, Journalisten, Lektoren, Schreibende, Texter und englische Muttersprachler, Lehrbeauftragte der englischen Sprache
Lerninhalte SESSION 1 English: a living language

Language is a product of the people who use it to communicate, so it develops to meet their needs. New words that reflect new experiences enter the language daily. In this workshop, we will be looking at:

  • neologisms and their origin;
  • new tendencies in English;
  • English as a lingua franca: how non-native speakers choose between British English, American English and Standard International English for intercultural communication;
  • L1 influence, etc.

SESSION 2 Plain English: towards clarity in intercultural communication

“The most common problem […] is that a well-intentioned and informed writer simply fails to get the message across to an intelligent, interested reader. In that case, stilted jargon and complex constructions are usually the villains.” (Warren E. Buffett)

Join us for this workshop to discuss:

  • what constitutes clear communication;
  • whether and when to use professional jargon;
  • how clarity can be achieved regardless of style and register.

Die Arbeitssprache des Seminars ist Englisch.

Teilnahmebeitrag Eintägiges Seminar einschließlich Mittagessen sowie Pausenverpflegung
  • Mitglieder: 220 Euro (Frühbucher 200 Euro)
  • Nichtmitglieder: 260 Euro (Frühbucher 240 Euro)

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Andrzej Raczkowski

Andrzej Raczkowski An experienced teacher and educational consultant, Andrzej Raczkowski has taken part in a number of training events and projects in Austria, the Baltics, Germany, Kazakhstan, Poland, Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland. Having obtained an MA in Linguistics, a CELTA from the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (UK) and a Professional Diploma in Management from the Open University (UK), he currently manages his own training company and works as a freelance translator and trainer with Cambridge University Press (UK), Cambridge English Language Assessment (UK) and Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania). His professional interests include assessment in ELT, translation for business, educational management and curriculum design, online and mobile learning, and second language acquisition.

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