Neujahrsgruß der neuen EATEC-Präsidentin, Heike Leinhäuser, QSD


Neujahrsgruß der neuen EATEC-Präsidentin, Heike Leinhäuser, QSD


Over the last several years, the translation industry has gained momentum in a way we have not seen before, writes Heike Leinhauser, the newly elected President of the European Union of Association of Translation Companies (EUATC). The market is consolidating extremely fast. Digitalization, artificial intelligence and blockchain are making an ever-growing impact on our industry. We are all are standing at the epicenter of change. As the representative of mainly small- and medium-sized companies, EUATC will continue to work to bring professionalization and strategy into the change process.

We work with change, not against it.

We see digitalization as a tool to make the exploding amount of content available to people around the world. But digitalization does not hold our industry back. The cornerstones of our business—the ability to write well, information security, professional ethics and privacy, as well as data protection—all of these will continue to be integral to our work.

With its open borders and language diversity, Europe is one of the most important language markets worldwide. As such, the European language industry is a role model for the global market. Our work reaches across borders to enable close collaboration with the representative bodies of individual translators and language services companies.

Together these aspects will create alliances on the market that, in addition to private equity, will drive consolidation in a completely different way.

We are looking forward to an exciting future in a strongly growing market!