2017-09: Writing English

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2017-09: Writing English

Writing English:
why spelling matters and punctuation rules


Seminar Nr. 2017-09 -Frühbucherfrist verlängert – findet statt
Datum und Ort Samstag, 9. September 2017, 10 bis 16 Uhr in Hamburg-Harburg
Zielgruppe und Vorkenntnisse Übersetzer, Journalisten, Lektoren, Schreibende, Texter und englische Muttersprachler, Lehrbeauftragte der englischen Sprache
Lerninhalte ‘Spoken language changes much faster than written language, and written English has now fallen several centuries behind.’

‘The system from which current English spelling conventions have developed was the one used by the poet Geoffrey Chaucer, who died in 1400.’ 

The English Spelling Society, http://www.spellingsociety.org

Learning to read and write English is exceptionally difficult because it has 185 spellings for 44 sounds. English is the only alphabetic language which uses identical spellings to represent different sounds. Proposals to reform English spelling range from creating a completely new alphabet to merely applying current spelling rules more consistently. The latter is probably a much more realistic way to go.

Punctuation marks have the power to connect ideas or disconnect them. By being able to use all the punctuation marks effectively, good writers are able to communicate even the most difficult concepts to their readers.

Join us for this practical seminar if you believe that spelling matters and punctuation rules. Learn how to capitalise on your knowledge and experience and explore spelling, punctuation and capitalisation rules and conventions.

Die Arbeitssprache des Seminars ist Englisch.

Teilnahmebeitrag Eintägiges Seminar einschließlich Mittagessen sowie Pausenverpflegung
  • Mitglieder: 140 Euro (Frühbucher 120 Euro)
  • Nichtmitglieder: 160 Euro (Frühbucher 140 Euro)

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Andrzej Raczkowski

Andrzej Raczkowski An experienced teacher and educational consultant, Andrzej Raczkowski has taken part in a number of training events and projects in Austria, the Baltics, Germany, Kazakhstan, Poland, Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland. Having obtained an MA in Linguistics, a CELTA from the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (UK) and a Professional Diploma in Management from the Open University (UK), he currently manages his own training company and works as a freelance translator and trainer with Cambridge University Press (UK), Cambridge English Language Assessment (UK) and Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania). His professional interests include assessment in ELT, translation for business, educational management and curriculum design, online and mobile learning, and second language acquisition.

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