Aims and tasks of ADÜ Nord

The ADÜ Nord’s overriding aim is to represent the interests of its members as a body of professionals in relation to the state, the business community at large and society. These efforts are also beneficial to all other language professionals based in Germany.

Interpreters and translators fulfil an important task in the whole spectrum of interaction within society. They enable effective communication between individuals of the most different origins and nationalities – in business and politics, in the provision of health care and in culture. Indeed, they facilitate communication everywhere else where the lack of a common language presents an obstacle, be it in private or professional life. In this way, at the point of interaction between different nations and cultural groups, they make a valuable contribution to understanding between people in a globalised world.

This is an accomplishment for which ADÜ Nord wishes to create an awareness among the public at large. That is why it has set itself the goal of informing the community as a whole about language professionals’ activities and their professional profile. Accordingly, for many years the association has been producing publications and organising events, with active publicity also helping to raise levels of awareness in relation to ADÜ Nord members’ work.

ADÜ Nord also maintains constant contact with legislative authorities, courts and other public bodies as well as with other professional associations. The aim is to attain improvement in language professionals’ working conditions and earning opportunities, consistent with the significance of their professional contribution to the effective functioning of the community as a whole.

Beyond its political commitment, ADÜ Nord also acts as a service provider, a link connecting its members with their clients. Thus ADÜ Nord is not solely the contact with regard to its members’ professional affairs. It also makes its services available to those requiring interpreting and translating services and seeking advice in this regard or those looking for a suitable provider of such services.

ADÜ Nord members are automatically part of a top-performance professional network. This opens up interesting opportunities for cooperation as well as for valuable exchanges of views and experiences with professional colleagues. The association additionally has a valued and much-used advisory service for its members. Services offered cover the areas of law, tax and information technology. Also provided are effective advertising, via the internet presence and the directory of members, extensive further training opportunities, as well as more informal occasions to socialise at colleagues’ get-togethers and in various language groups.