Information for clients

Information for clients

Tips on placing an order for language services

As a client, you contribute decisively to the success of the interpreting assignment or translation project – by preparing and considering certain key matters carefully in advance. Only if everything is well thought-through and planned can you ensure that your Japanese clients can indeed programme your satellite unit on the basis of the instructions for use, that your advertisement does indeed engage the interest of American clients and that your contract negotiations with the Russian business partners do indeed produce the desired success. Therefore, you should clarify a few important issues in advance – regarding the content of your projects, the time schedule and the accompanying circumstances. This makes it easier for you to search for the right business partner in our database:


  1. Do you need a translator or an interpreter? Translators convert written texts from one language into another, interpreters do the same thing for the spoken word.
  2. From which language and into which language is the translation to be made? From English into German, or from German into Japanese?
  3. What is the subject? Does it relate to medical technology, a purchase agreement, instructions for use of technical equipment, or is it the catalogue of an art exhibition?
  4. Does it need to be a certified translation? Do you need a sworn interpreter? Translations of marriage certificates or other official documents need to be certified. In a court of law, the professional used must be a sworn interpreter.
  5. Are you looking for an interpreter or a translator from your region?


Find out more

You can find useful tips on successfully managing assignments in the following brochures that you can download here or order from the Administrative Office.

  • Verstehen und verstanden werden (“Understand and be understood”; available in German language only): Guidelines on successfully managing interpreting and translation assignments. On 24 pages, our client brochure provides extensive information for clients submitting orders for the services of language professionals.
  • Übersetzungen sind keine Massenware (“Translations are not mass-produced articles”; available in German language only): Translation norms – a valuable aid for those placing and receiving orders for translations.