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What advantages does membership offer you?


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Among other benefits, ADÜ Nord membership means effective advertising for your own translation or interpreting service because our members are listed free of charge in our well-known and highly regarded “Green List” directory. This is where prospective clients can quickly find a language professional suitable to match their needs. The database, with its search function, gives clients access to interesting information about what is on offer.


Exchange of information and provision of advice

How do I count lines? How do I make out an invoice? What wording do I use for contractual agreements? What do I do if a client submits a complaint? How do I best prepare myself for an interpreting assignment? These are just some of the questions that are asked time and time again. Our members are not left to their own devices; on the contrary, for questions relating to their profession, they are given support by the members of the Executive Committee and by various specialist officers.


Starting out on your career

Those only just starting out as self-employed translators or interpreters can enlist help from the association’s “old hands” in terms of know-how. There are also regular get-togethers for newcomers to our professions: these help new members to exchange their experiences, views and ideas.


Advisory services offered

  • Legal advice: Regarding legal matters, ADÜ Nord members can make use of a lawyer’s telephone-based legal information service free of charge – available twice a month.
  • Tax advice: We offer advice for all tax-related matters. For one hour each working day, tax-related questions are answered that directly relate to your work as a language professional.
  • CAT advice: All questions about translation memory systems, terminology management, etc., can be referred to our email-based CAT advice service.

Colleagues get-togethers

Every second month, in the odd-numbered months, a colleagues get-together takes place. This alternates between an evening that examines a given topic related to our professional activity and simply a relaxed gathering for networking purposes.


Working groups

Also active in the association are various working groups on particular topics. Currently these are as follows: Regular Newcomers‘ GatheringEnglish working groupFrench working groupItalian working groupRussian working groupSpanish working group.


Private health insurance

The group insurance contract, in force for many years now between ADÜ Nord and Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG (DKV), offers our members and their families the possibility of a tailor-made health insurance policy, subject to a satisfactory check of financial status. This can be in the form of a basic health insurance or as additional insurance for certain specific areas of medical care.

For our members, the main advantages of the group insurance contract are:

  • Premiums offering an advantage of up to 5%,
  • Waiver by the DKV of its right to decline to offer insurance cover
  • Insurance cover with immediate effect (no waiting times)
  • Possibility of partial reimbursement of contribution in the event of non-use of the services made available
  • Family members can be insured on the same conditions as the language professional herself/himself; the same applies to an extended circle of insurable individuals (co-habiting partner, stepchildren, adopted children and foster children).

When the subject is that of securing one’s needs, people’s wishes are very individual; members are therefore recommended to make contact with the insurance company directly. The ADÜ Nord Treasurer will be happy to set up this contact with the insurance company’s relevant regional adviser.